White Verizon iPhone?

8 01 2011

I know that there is always a lot of speculation around the Verizon iPhone every year. This year may be a little bit different than last year or the year prior.
Verizon recently announced that they would be holding a press conference to announce a new product line on January 11th. This press event comes just a couple days after CES which is one of the biggest electronics showcases in which Verizon gave the opening keynote highlighting their new 4G LTE network and new devices.
Back in June, Apple announced the iPhone 4 in black and the elusive white iPhone. Apple said the white iPhone would debut in Spring of 2011 due to ‘manufacturing error’. Why else would these two events occur so closely to each other? The answer, the white iPhone will be Verizon exclusive. This makes sense in terms of an advertising scheme for Verizon. Now, whenever someone is using a white iPhone, Verizon will now be in their minds and not AT&T.



16 07 2010

Thanks to everyone who made the Premiere a great one! For those of you who weren’t there, Space Wars will be up shortly on Youtube on our main profile, SQAstudios, and then the the bonus material can be found on our other profile, SQAvideo, which is where we put our random less time intensive projects.

Thank you once again!

Space Wars Premiere

6 07 2010

It is finally here! Space Wars: The Last Hope is set to debut on July 16th, 2010!

The movie will be posted on our youtube.com profile shortly after the debut! Don’t forget to check out SQA Video when we post Space Wars as there will be the videos found on our bonus feature disc on that site as well!

Thanks to everyone who has helped to support us. It is greatly appreciated.


18 12 2009

In light of the Christmas season… We have decided to experiment with the fabulous site… Jib Jab. Here is the great video featuring the Space Wars cast! Well… Most of them.

PS: Proceed at your own caution. This might frighten you…..  Enjoy!!

Click link below

Jib Jab!

Windows 7

15 12 2009

Has finally arrived!! May be offline for a little until we have W7 up and running but we will be back up and working on VFX for Space Wars shortly!!

Hope that this is really the new Snow Leopard like reviews say!!  Look out… Here we come Apple!

New Camera!

1 12 2009

Finally after a couple years we are in the process of upgrading our equipment! Our next movie will be shot in full High Definition 1080 p which is roughly 2-3 times the pixel count of before! Also, expect the sound to be better as well as picture quality. Space Wars will be out sometime Winter depending on schedule and release date of the premier.


7 11 2009

   Hey all!

I would like to say thank you for visiting our new website and for the continued support of SQA Studios.

For those of you who don’t know about us, we are a group of friends who work together to create a summer movie every year typically a fan film. We have worked on “The Betrayal” which is a take off on the Bourne trilogy and are now in the process of making a Star Wars fan film by the name of “Space Wars Episode III.V: The Last Hope”

We do these movies on a low budget every year and do what we can. We appreciate the support from all of you.

The SQA Studios Team,

SQA Studios





SQA Studios