Space Wars Premiere

6 07 2010

It is finally here! Space Wars: The Last Hope is set to debut on July 16th, 2010!

The movie will be posted on our profile shortly after the debut! Don’t forget to check out SQA Video when we post Space Wars as there will be the videos found on our bonus feature disc on that site as well!

Thanks to everyone who has helped to support us. It is greatly appreciated.




3 responses

6 07 2010
Calamity Anne

Can’t wait!!!

8 07 2010

YES!!!!!!! Oh you might want to correct the date… Do you guys know when you are going to make the DVD’s? I know that they won’t be here in time for the premiere, so when will they?

16 07 2010
Kathleen B...Mom

You guys did an awesome job! I watched the hours and hours of hard work you did on the editing and special effects and the diligence made for a wonderful, funny film. Remember to garner a ticket for your Mom when you end up at the real Oscars some day.
Love, Mom

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